About Us

Enact is a labor of love conceived by the team that brought you Enyo. We are grateful to LG Electronics for supporting the development of this open source framework.


LG Silicon Valley Lab - U.S.A.

Stephen Choi
Dave Freeman
Lis Hammel
Jeff Lam
Teck Liew
Gray Norton
Jason Robitaille
Lucie Roy
HanGyeol Hailey Ryu
Blake Stephens
Alan Stice
Roy Sutton
Aaron Tam
Jeremy Thomas
Derek Tor

LG - South Korea

Jeonghee Ahn
Seungcheon Baek
Hyeok Jo
Jae Jo
Baekwoo Jung
Bongsub Kim
Mikyung Kim
Chang Gi Lee
Goun Lee
Seonghyup Park
Seungho Park
YunBum Sung

LG Software India - India

Cholan Madala
Richa Shaurbh
Srirama Singeri
Anish T.D
Antony Willet

Community Members - Worldwide


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