Provides higher-order component interface for handling locale-aware uppercasing.

import Uppercase from '@enact/i18n/Uppercase';


UppercaseHigher-Order Component

A higher-order component that is used to wrap an element to provide locale-aware uppercasing of children, provided that children is a single string. Other values for children are unchanged. It supports a casing property which can be used to override the uppercase as-needed.

There are no configurable options on this HOC.

import Uppercase from '@enact/i18n/Uppercase';
Properties added to wrapped component

Configures the mode of uppercasing that should be performed.

Options are: 'upper' to capitalize all characters. 'preserve' to maintain the original casing. 'word' to capitalize the first letter of each word. 'sentence' to capitalize the first letter of the string.

Default: 'upper'