Building Enact Locally

The Enact CLI makes it very easy to consume Enact. However, if you want to contribute to the project, you will need to be able to build Enact locally. Enact is structured as a monorepo, using Lerna to manage dependencies.

To get started, clone Enact from GitHub, install dependencies and connect the modules using Lerna:

# clone the repo!
git clone
# move in
cd enact
# we're using git flow so develop is our working branch
git checkout develop
# install lerna
npm install
# run the lerna bootstrap command (proxied by an npm script)
npm run bootstrap
# wait a while … installing :allthethings:

Once this process completes, you can begin working with Enact, run unit tests, or run the sampler. To use the local Enact install with your apps, you will first need to npm link each submodule manually or use the link-all task:

npm run link-all

Once this process is complete, you can use the Enact cli to link the dependencies to your app:

# from within your app directory
enact link