Exports the sandstone/Skinnable.Skinnable higher-order component (HOC).

import Skinnable from '@enact/sandstone/Skinnable';


SkinnableHigher-Order Component

This higher-order component is based on ui/Skinnable.

Skinnable comes pre-configured for Sandstone's supported skins: "neutral" (default) and "light". It is used to apply the relevant skinning classes to each component and has been used to pre-select specific skins for some components.

Note: This HoC passes className to the wrapped component. It must be passed to the main DOM node.

import Skinnable from '@enact/sandstone/Skinnable';
Properties added to wrapped component

Select a skin by name by specifying this property.

Available Sandstone skins are "neutral" (default) and "light". This may be changed at runtime. All components already use their defaults, but a skin may be changed via this prop or by using Skinnable directly and a config object.


<Button skin="light">
Default: 'neutral'