Loading an Existing App

Acquire the Source

Download the app’s source code, usually, from a git repository. Make sure you have correct SSH access rights for the repo. For example:

git clone git@github.com:user/myapp.git

Install the Dependencies

Enact apps are just like any other npm package. Navigate to the app’s root directory (the base directory with the package.json). From there, you can install the dependencies the standard way:

npm install

Available npm Tasks

npm tasks vary by package and are defined within a scripts object in the package.json file. If the app was created via the Enact CLI, then it will support the following npm task aliases:

  • npm run serve - Packages and hosts the app on a local http server using webpack-dev-server. Supports hot module replacement and inline updates as the source code changes.
  • npm run pack - Packages the app into ./dist in development mode (unminified code, with any applicable development code).
  • npm run pack-p - Packages the app into ./dist in production mode (minified code, with development code dropped).
  • npm run watch - Packages in development mode and sets up a watcher that will rebuild the app whenever the source code changes.
  • npm run test - Builds and executes any test spec files within the project.
  • npm run lint - Lints the project’s JavaScript files according to the Enact ESLint configuration settings and optionally TSLint.
  • npm run clean - Deletes the ./dist directory
  • npm run license - Outputs a list of licenses used by modules required by the project