Serving Apps

Development Server

    enact serve [options]

    -b, --browser     Automatically open browser
    -i, --host        Server host IP address
    -p, --port        Server port number

The enact serve command (aliased as npm run serve) will build and host your project on http://localhost:8080/. The options allow you to customize the host IP and host port, which can also be overriden via HOST and PORT environment variable. While the enact serve is active, any changes to source code will trigger a rebuild and update any loaded browser windows.

Custom Proxy

Enact CLI uses http-proxy-middleware to allow applications to redirect HTTP requests to the proxy URL. When a resource is requested such as fetch('/api/data'), the development server will recognize that path does not represent a static asset and will redirect to the proxy path (e.g. http://localhost:4000/api/data).

This feature can be configured in the project’s package.json within the enact object’s proxy property.

For example:

	"enact": {
		"proxy": "http://localhost:4000"

NOTE The serve command opens a port for connections from outside the current machine. Firewall software may block or be used to block access to this port.