Template Management

Enact CLI Template Support

    enact template  ...');

    enact template install [source] [name]
    Install a template from a local or remote source

        source            Git URI, npm package or local directory
                          (default: cwd)
        name              Specific name for the template

    enact template link [directory] [name]
    Symlink a directory into template management

        directory         Local directory path to link
                          (default: cwd)
        name              Specific name for the template

    enact template remove 
    Remove a template by name

        name              Name of template to remove

    enact template default [name]
    Choose a default template for "enact create"

        name              Specific template to set default

    enact template list
    List all templates installed/linked

An Enact Sandstone template is included within the Enact CLI as the default template. Additional templates can be downloaded or created as needed.

install vs link

Due to the similar nature in these actions, it’s worth some clarification. The install action pulls from a local or remote source, copying the template files to a user-storage location (%APPDATA%\.enact on Windows, $HOME/.enact on all other systems). The link action, on the other hand, will create a symlink from a local source directory into the user-storage location. No files are physically copied, only linked. As such, the local linked source directory should not be deleted and any changes made within it will be available the next time a template is used. It is generally only advisable to use the link action when actively developing templates.

Developing Templates

Read about developing an Enact CLI template if you’re intested in creating your own.